Teachers are said “to change the lives of millions of children every day, and their work impact extends far beyond the boundaries of the classroom”. From the start of a child’s first day in school, he or she would always be excited or afraid to go to school. “Excited” because it’s the very first time that he or she could meet someone new and excited to meet their teacher too. “Afraid” because other kids are so attached with their parents that they feel fear when being apart from them. But once the child enters their first day in school, they would always be eager to wake up early to fix themselves and hurry to go to school. And it would even be more memorable especially in the elementary years where he or she gets to meet new friends and has developed that best friend attachment. Then the children would also value their teachers better because they now seem to understand and see how hardworking their teachers are, how they do their best to teach their students about academics and most importantly, the needed values to develop you to be a better you. Teachers always play a vital role in the life of every student. Students look up to their teachers as role models. They play the role of being a child’s second parent. Not only do they enhance each student with lessons from the books but essentially, they teach the students the valuable lessons of life. When one student skips school, they do follow ups to check their whereabouts and would give time to talk to them, and ask what their situation is. Remember the movie, “Matilda”, the teacher was so proud of the eagerness of Matilda to learn and it seemed she was so intelligent for her age.  Unfortunately, the parents didn’t care that much. But the teacher was eager to help Matilda see the value of herself that in the end of the story, she even adopted her and she lived an amazing life. A teacher is really a hero because they are always in the support for the well-being of an individual. They never stop to teach, not even after you finish graduating. They will teach you and will make you remember that in life, you never stop learning. Everyday, you will come across new things and you will always learn how to go on and continue living your life, with all the struggles and hardships that you go through. Be it happy or a sad experience, you must move forward. When you stumble, just get up, fix yourself and make your next move. Never give up. A teacher is truly an amazing kind of person. They are strong enough to go out of their way for their students sake. Even my mom, a teacher by profession, I can attest to how great of a teacher she is. She teaches basic academics and most importantly, she imparts valuable life lessons to her students which really makes me proud of. Anyway, it’s teacher’s day. And I want to leave you with this phrase, “Never stop learning. Life is a never-ending learning cycle.” Lastly, let’s always practice giving value to teachers everywhere because if it were not for their efforts to teach us, we would have never gone this far in our lives. I have outlived this, that’s why I’m sharing this with you. I’m a proud daughter of a teacher and I’ll be forever thankful. Never stop learning. That’s the greatest thing that a teacher(my mom) has made me see in my life. How about in yours? What was your experience? Maybe, you’d want to share it too. And for sure, I know you would agree with me when I say  that, “We should always give value to a teacher, they play a vital role in each of our lives”.


You either get bitter or get better…


“You either get BITTER or you get BETTER. It’s that simple. You either take what has been dealt to you and allow it to make you a better person, or you allow it to tear you down. THE CHOICE does not belong to fate, it BELONGS TO YOU.” – Josh Shipp

Earlier today, I saw this quote and I couldn’t help but write more about it. Life is not always a bed of roses. Sometimes, you’re up. Sometimes, you’re down. What matters is how you try your very best to survive and how you deal with every little thing that happens to you in every single day. I admit, I myself, I’m not perfect, I have my downsides too. I get upset too. Problems arise in my life just like everyone else’s. You either get bitter or get better as the quote says. Getting Bitter? What does this mean? Bitter directs you to negativity, wherein when you’d experience pain, it feels like you just allow that pain to kill you and bring you down. How about getting better? What does this mean? Better directs you to positivity, wherein no matter how hard life hits you, you still manage to cope and have that energy to move on and continue doing your best to make it through. Yes, it is right that nobody is perfect. We all have our shortcomings and flaws. But at the end of the day, what’s important is that you knew that you pushed yourself to be a better you. God created us all so uniquely, each having different views and opinions. In the same way, God would never bring us into a situation that we couldn’t survive. So, my dear friends, just like what Josh Shipp pointed out: “THE CHOICE does not belong to fate, it BELONGS TO YOU.” Be strong and courageous. No matter how hard it is, never get bitter, just get better. And you’ll be surprised of how strong you can be. How? First, and the most essential thing is: have faith and give it all to God. Trusting in Him alone will make you the strongest person ever. Starting today, let’s get better and never be bitter!



What if the wolf was in loved with the moon?

Once there was a wolf named Jerry.

He admired the beauty that the Moon had.

He was mesmerized by its beauty.

One day He told himself,

I feel something special for the moon.

“I will call you: My Moon”, He said.

And from that day on wards, He loved the Moon.

He would always look forward to evenings

As these are the only times that He would have a

Chance to gaze at the moon and

Think of it and imagine like he is so close to it.

“My moon, he would say to it…”

He would whisper, when can I ever hold you?

Or even reach you?

Or even touch you?, he uttered in a low-toned voice.

Suddenly, he realizes that a drop of tear would roll

In his eyes, and He would embrace loneliness.

And in the night, he would run the farthest that he could.

Then Jerry would howl so loud,

It was as if he said I love you when he howled.

Jerry, the wolf never intentionally fell for the Moon.

But He was taken away by its beauty,

Though he knows that they can’t be together,

Still Jerry would say,

“My moon, I love you and nothing will ever change that”,

Not even the sad reality

That Jerry, the wolf would never

have the chance to literally touch

the moon.


-(Inspired by Typewriters voice Facebook page, “Maybe the wolf is in love with the moon, and each month it cries for a love it will never touch.”)



August 16, 2014: A day that saddened me. I remember getting my phone from the luggage station at my old work place. I received a shocking message about the passing away of a dear loved one. I never thought He would leave me this early. I usually do not have strong relationships with my cousins but it was different with you, we were inseparable. Yes, we grew up fighting and arguing at childish stuff/things but at the end of the day, we made it a point to always rekindle the friendship that we had. Our fights happened often but it made our love for each other as cousins grow into a stronger one. Yet, time separated us. For some time I left home, and we went on separate ways. Yet, I still remembered how you asked my opinion about working in a certain field/industry and I was glad to have helped you build your confidence one way or another. I was really so proud of you and your achievements as a young man though I wasn’t very expressive about it. Only, I regret that I was unable to spend so much communication with you. Last time we saw each other: September 2013. You kept on teasing me and making jokes that made me a little mad at you. On that sofa in my tita’s house, I could still clearly see how you kept throwing those jokes at me. If only I knew that, that day would be our last meeting, I could have talked to you longer and told you how I loved you as my dear cousin. August 2014: I went home. I could not imagine how I felt when I saw you inside that coffin. I almost didn’t want to look at you. I was not ready to see you literally go. I was not expecting this to happen too soon. Questions still run through my mind, still thinking why things had to happen that way. I am still wanting to talk to you. So, after few years, I decided to write my feelings out. I want the whole world to know that Ernie “Cadjong” Antigua Jr. was a good man. He was a loving son that both parents loved so dearly. And almost everyone who knew him could attest to his kindness. I was used to calling him RJ. And RJ, wherever you are, always remember, ate Saj loves you. And she will always remember you as a good man. A man who only cared less of himself but more of others. Parting is such a sweet sorrow because your leaving has made me look back and look deeper on the sweet memories we’ve had. It makes me sad but underneath that sadness is a heart that understands and loves you in so many ways. You will always be in my heart and you will always be loved. You will be forever missed. I will forever remember everything that we went through, especially how you influenced me to create my Facebook account. I never thought I would appreciate it so much, not until that moment that you were gone. I only wished you stayed a little longer so at least, I had a chance to express my feelings and tell you of how proud I am of the very person that you’ve become. RJ, lastly, I’d like to say: you are a good man, a good son, a loving man. You will always be remembered that way. You will always be my inspiration to keep going in this life despite everything that I’ve gone through and will still go through. Writing this makes me vividly see your beautiful smile. To the very end, I will always value such a loving and dear cousin like you. Parting is indeed a sweet sorrow. Now, I fully understand why. 

–from your ate Saj(5/29/2017)

A Dog’s Love


Dogs. Why prefer a dog for your pet? Sometimes dogs can better understand you more than anyone else. It’s like they can read your mind by just a simple look on your face, without you even saying a word. Dogs have a certain language that seems easy to say but real hard to explain. Yet, once you’ve learned the language from the actions that they do, you would appreciate them in many amazing ways. Most dogs want to be talked to. They like listening to every word you say. They wiggle their tails if they seem to admire what you say. They stand when they feel like they want to hug you. So, don’t be afraid of the big dog teeth that you see, once the dog has known you and familiarized your ways, he/she will treat you very specially. Remember the story about the Dog named Hachiko? The basic story is that a man named Hidesaburo Ueno raised Hachiko from a pup, and they became fond to each other. Every morning when his owner would leave for work, He would follow him to Shibuya station. Then the dog would go home and return again at the station to wait for his owner to come back at the ticket gates each night. This happened daily, but one day, his owner dies of heart attack. Even though his owner did not return, Hachiko waited for him every day at the station for years up until his own death. Such loyalty and devotion from a loving pet. That’s how great a dog’s love can be for his/her owner. You might not easily see it but inside the heart of a dog is just like a little kid who wants to be loved and nourished. All you need to do is just give the dog a chance to befriend you and you’ll surely relish each moment you share. A dog’s love will truly make a difference in your life. I, myself am not really a dog-lover. But now I realize, my life was way better because I have him(my dog) as part of me. Lastly, let me leave you with this simple realization: God made it possible for dogs to exist for us to see that Life has so much meaning. Love a dog and you’ll surely agree with me and with what I’ve written here.




Mother, mama, nanay, mommy, or however you would call her, She is the very beginning of your whole being. She carried you in her womb for 9 months. From the time she found out that she was pregnant, she was very happy. She planned to take good care of you. She followed every instruction given by her ob-gyne. She walked slowly and did things carefully, to avoid slipping and any accidents. She carried you, and talked to you, read a book for you, sang a song for you. When you finally came out of her womb, she made sure that you were 100% okay. She slept sleepless nights. She guided you and nurtured you. She watched over you. She always had her eyes on you. She was worried when you were sick and cried when she couldn’t stop your tears. She was so happy to hear your first known word, how you said mama or mommy or nanay, was the best thing in the world to her. She held your hand as you walked. She helped you stand and she taught you the basics of your daily life at home as a little lad. And time came when she brought you to school. She was excited to have you wear your first school uniform. She waited outside as you entered your classroom. She was so proud to see how many stars you earned from your school activities. She was so eager to listen to your stories after school. Then, you entered your elementary years. She was always there to help you with every homework you had. And when your classmates weren’t that friendly, she made it a point to stop your crying. She was again so proud to see you finish your elementary and proceed to your high school years. She wanted to have you confide in her but there were times that you were somewhat shy to tell her of the things you liked and the things that you didn’t. You were so afraid to hear her not wanting what you wanted for yourself. Still, she silently looked after you. She was hopeful that you will one day confide in her. Then, one day, your heart was broke. She was ready to wipe your tears. She remained by your side and supported you all the way. She was happy to see you again finish your high school. And after college, she was the proudest of all moms. She was excited to see you wearing your first work uniform. She was always there for you, even at times, that you were so busy at work, when you somehow ignored her. She continued to wait for you. She believes that motherhood doesn’t end after giving birth. She never left your side even when you didn’t care. Mother, mama, nanay, mommy, or however you would call her, she is your mother. She was used by God to give your life a wonderful start and ‘til the very end, she will always be your mother. She love you and will continue to for the rest of her life. Mother, mama, nanay, mommy, or however you would call her, she will always be there for you. I hope you will see, Mother, mama, nanay, mommy, or however you would call her, she is the very essence of your whole being. And this mother’s day, let’s make her feel that she is indeed a great mother. Someone who you will value even after the end of your life. And this I promise, to myself, I will honor my mother, I hope you will too. 

-Saj (5/13/2017)


The Beauty of Writing


Why do I say there is beauty in writing?

Writing allows me to enter another world, where I am able to say how I feel and where I feel like I can just say anything freely. It helps me forget all the troubles and heartaches that I have in the deepest of my heart. I actually began writing when I was eight years old. But it was not really of much value as it was just inspired by those fairy tales and Disney movies I watched when I was a little girl. Then when I entered high school, I fell in love with poetry and was driven into the narrative poetry writing. Then when I first fell in love, I just wrote and wrote but never really had the urge to share it in public. Then when I first experienced being brokenhearted, I almost closed my doors to writing. For it makes me rekindle memories which are not even worth remembering. But once a writer, always a writer. You can never escape the drive to write your heart out. There are words and ideas in your heart that you need to share with the world. Who knows you might just be the hope that one person ever needed. You might be the sole reason that someone might say, yes, I will continue living my life. Writing is just one word but it has a power to make you reach a certain destination which you never thought you’d easily reach or go to. So, beginning this very day, I will pledge to write and write till I can write no more. I’m really grateful to God for giving me this wisdom to be able to share my thoughts and being my own solace. I only hope I have not just helped myself but also, the person, or you, reading this. ‘til next time then.